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TBS Official Manual:
TBS Crossfire Long Range System – Product Info Video
TBS Crossfire Manual
TBS GEMiNi Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Discovery Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Discovery PRO Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Unify 5G8 200mW 16CH Video Transmitter Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Unify 2G4 500mW 16CH Video Transmitter Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Unify 2G4 800mW 16CH Video Transmitter Handbuch (PDF)
TBS CORE Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Core PNP PRO Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Agent Software für Core PNP PRO (WinPC 2.7MB)
TBS BlackBox Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Core PRO to Discovery PRO Adapter Kabel Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Core PRO to FatShark IMRC VTx Kabel Set Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Groundstation 2.4GHz Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Greenhorn 25mW, TBS Rookie 200mW, TBS Boss 500mW Video Transmitter Handbuch (PDF)
TBS Caipirinha Bauanleitung / Handbuch provided by ivc (PDF)
Swiss RC – TBS Caipirinha FPV Wing Build Video Part I
Swiss RC – TBS Caipirinha FPV Wing Build Video Part II
RC Model Reviews TBS Caipirinha Video Part 1
RC Model Reviews TBS Caipirinha Video Part 2
TBS Caipirinha 12A ESC Handbuch (PDF)
TBS CHiPCHiP v2 Handbuch (PDF)

TBS Discovery How To (Video)
TBS Discovery Pro How To (Video)
TBS Core Install (Video)
ESC Calibration Instruction (Video)


FPVLAB – Die offiziellen Supportforen von:
– Team BlackSheep
– ImmersionRC
– Fatshark
– und andere …
FPVLAB Forum Homepage
FPVLAB Forum Sponsors Gate

RCGroups – Eines der grösstes und ältesten Foren
RCGroups Forum Homepage

Weitere deutsche Foren:
FPV Community Forum Homepage
FPV Treff Forum Homepage
Kopter Forum Homepage – Die Baumarkt Kaufberatung
Download kostenloses eBook

FPV Freerider – FPV mini Racer Flugsimulator
Der kostengünstige Flugsimulator für Mac, Win & Linux, mit FrSky Taranis Unterstützung
Für Einsteiger und zum üben bei schlechtem Wetter

Flugsimulator mit TBS Discovery PRO, DJI Phantom und mehr

CUAV Pixhack Autopilot with GPS Handbuch
CUAV Pixhack Autopilot with GPS APM ArduPilot Software

DJI Technology
A Creative Technologies Company and the global leader in UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) design specifically for photo and video applications

Official Manuals from NAZA, Graupner|SJ and FatShark:
NAZA Flight Controller Manuals, Tutorials, PDF & Video:

FAT SHARK RC Vision Systems
A dream is now possible at the limits of technology. Imagine the freedom of soaring above the earth, the thrill of skimming tree tops or the rush of screaming along inches off the ground. Let Fat Shark guide you into the exciting world of FPV RC video piloting. Fat Shark works closely with ImmersionRC to manufacture a complete line of complimenting FPV products. From Fat Shark headsets and HD cameras to long range ImmersionRC UHF control links, antenna trackers and OSD.

FatShark Dominator HD Goggle Handbuch (PDF)
FatShark Dominator v2 Video Goggles Manual (PDF)
FatShark Dominator Video Goggles Manual (PDF)

FrSky Taranis X9D
A young and dynamic company, committed to applying innovative technology and introducing high performance, reliable and affordable products to the model enthusiasts. We are continuously investing in research and development to improve and expand our product line. The FrSky team are passionate about our work and strive for customers’ recognition and confidence

FrSky EU LBT Firmware (23.12.2015) Compatiblity: XJT, X8R, X6R, X4R, X4RSB, Taranis X9D Plus, X9E
FrSky Taranis X9D Handbuch
FrSky Taranis X9D Handbuch
FrSky Taranis X9D How To
FrSky X4R-SB 3/16Ch Receiver Manual (PDF)
FrSky D4R-II 4Ch Receiver Manual (PDF)
FrSky X8R Empfänger Manual (PDF)
FrSky X6R Empfänger Manual (PDF)
FrSky SmartPort LiPo Voltage Sensor FLVSS Manual (PDF)
FrSky GPS SmartPort Sensor GPS V2 Manual (PDF)
FrSky Variometer Sensor High Res Manual (PDF)
FrSky Spannung Voltage Sensor FBVS-01 (PDF)

Kopter Forum – Taranis X9D
Kopter Forum – Taranis Programmierung
YouTube – Oliver Kunkel, FrSky Taranis Tutorial Grundeinstellungen (Deutsch)
companion9x Software (Mac/Win)
companion9x Wiki
OpenTX Website
OpenTX GitHub Project Page

Graupner | SJ
Modellbauartikel sowie Zubehör aller Art

Graupner mz-24 HoTT S1006 Handbuch (PDF)
Graupner mz-18 HoTT S1005 Handbuch (PDF)
Graupner mz-12 HoTT S1002 Handbuch (PDF)
Graupner mz-10 HoTT S1001 Handbuch (PDF)
Graupner Radio MX-16 HoTT Manual (PDF)
Graupner Radio MX-12 HoTT Manual (PDF)
How to program the position switch and failsafe on the Graupner MX-12 HoTT (Video)

ImmersionRC Vortex Getting Starting Guide
ImmersionRC Vortex Instruction Manual
ImmersionRC Vortex Accessories Manual
ImmersionRC IMRC RF Power Meter Manual (PDF)

Mobius ActionCam
Mobius ActionCam Full HD Manual & mSetup GUI Software Android, Mac, Win

Skyzone FPV Equipment
Skyzone SKY01 FPV Goggle Handbuch
Skyzone SKY01 3D FPV Goggle Handbuch
Skyzone RX-LCD5812 7″ FPV HD Monitor 32CH 5G8 Diversity
Skyzone TS5823 200mW VTx Handbuch
Skyzone TS58500 500mW VTx Handbuch

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Full HD 1080P 16MP WiFi Bluetooth
Xiaomi Yi Action Camera – YouTube Review
Xiaomi Yi Action Camera – Testbericht (Deutsch)
Xiaomi Yi Action Camera – Review & Manual
Xiaomi Yi Action Camera – iOS App

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